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Helicopter Mommy Syndrome

Helicopter Mommy — I am one. Not. Well, maybe.

Being a first-time mother, doubts assail me almost every day on how to properly bring up my son. It doesn’t help when constant comments and well-meaning suggestions (“He is too thin. Feed him more. / The diapers are not suitable. Leaking all the time. / Cover him with blanket at night. It gets chilly”) are turning me into a hovering or “helicopter mommy”.

Meet the Toybox 3D Printer — A Different Kind of Toybox

Recently, 3D printing has become more prominent in the world of designing and machining. Besides printing PLA, ABS, wood, metal products for industrial purposes, 3D printers have even evolved into printing food and prosthetic limbs. So, don’t you think that it will be a waste if all these exciting ‘toys’ were only catered to the adults and professionals? Well, thankfully, they are not. You may have seen 3D printing pens for kids. You may also know about the colorful da Vinci mini 3D Printer by XYZ Printing.

My Fight With Gestational Diabetes

While you are happy learning you are carrying a little one (or two) inside you, you may be dismayed when you hear you have gestational diabetes (GDM). Suddenly, everything doesn’t seem as rosy anymore. Well, that was how I felt. And when the nurses and doctors warned me on the dangers and reprimanded me on my diet made it even worse. Feeling so inadequate, I tried to control my diet and exercise daily to avoid taking insulin. In the end, though, I had to bow to the inevitable and take insulin for the next few months.

Petrosains KLCC Adventure (Review)

I just love spending time with my son. Not only am I bonding with him, I am also broadening his horizon by kickstarting his curiosity. This is perhaps one of the reasons why I would prefer to homeschool him. The latest adventure I had with him was a visit to Petrosains at KLCC. And it was a big hit with him.

You’re Not the Boss of Me!

“NO! Stop that! No means no!”

How often do you hear yourself say that? Or something similar along that nature? Never? You sure are one lucky parent. Well, for those ‘unlucky’ few, the good news is, you are about to find out some tips on how to be firm with your children.

Xiaomi Launches Qicycle Bike for Kids

eijing-based electronics mammoth Xiaomi has just released another product, this time to please parents and put smiles on little faces. Through its crowdfunding platform, the Chinese company has developed an innovative and safety-conscious children’s...

Study Says Parents Live Longer

Good news to married people, or should I say more specifically, to married people with children aka parents. According to a study by a team of researchers, parents with at least one child live longer than childless ones. This study was published in the Journal Of Epidemiology & Community Health.

Sluban Police Station B0192 (Review)

Sluban is a Chinese brand that produces Lego compatible building blocks and play sets. When I say “Lego compatible”, I don’t mean Sluban produces counterfeit Lego products. They actually design their own play sets although the basic building blocks are identical to the ones made by Lego.

Women With Kids Tend to Sleep Less

A new research in the US has discovered that children affect women’s sleeping pattern more than men. Ask any mother about this and I’m sure they’ll totally agree. The nationwide telephone survey, which involved data from 5805 men and women with children in their households, found that children are the main cause why women lose more sleep than men.