Children Are Asked Which Parent They Love More, The Results Are Adorable

The facts are in. In recent polls, it was proven that people spend more money on Mother’s Day than they do on Father’s Day. However, sometimes these polls can be skewed. After all, it depends quite a lot on who the interviewers are asking and the life circumstances of these people. With this knowledge in mind, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to ask children which parent they liked more: their mother or their father. The results were both humorous and sweet.

While many children initially picked both of their parents, the interviewer made them come down to one. The results were almost unanimous, with one child picking outside the norm. Another child even offered to trade his dad in order to get Spiderman in his life. Though this may show that children generally favor one parent, it should be pointed out that this doesn’t exactly prove that one parent is more important than the other in a kid’s life. Every child does need a stable set of both for well-being.

(Source: LOLWot)


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