Hilarious Parenting Comics by Brian Gordon

Many of us, as first-time parents, are on a roller-coaster journey of parenthood. On some days, the kids are angelic and you have great days. On the other days when the kids drive you up the wall, those are $#!* days.

But truthfully, whether they are good days, bad days or the really tear-your-hair-out days, we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we … as parenting has its moments.

One such moment would be a hug or kiss out of the blue. My son would be running around madly, screaming at the top of his lungs, driving me crazy as I try to shush him and then, suddenly, he would come up to me and give me a kiss smack on the lips!

Or when he does something unexpected like chanting “Mommy fart! Mommy fart!” just because you want him to stop doing it. And the more you want him to stop, the more he wants to do it.


Yes, parenting has its moments. Fun moments. Memorable moments. Hilarious moments. And one father has decided to record his moments in comics.

An entertainment I recently discovered, Brian Gordon has decided to record his self-discovery journey of being a father of two via comics. Fowl Language Comics is not only funny, it resonates closely to all parents out there.

Fowl Language is inspired by my struggles as a parent, my fascination with geeky subcultures, and a constant, crushing wave of self-doubt and anxiety. ~Brian

Laugh along and enjoy the ride with the lovable characters Dicky (father), Tommy (brother), Jackie (Dicky’s wife), Champ (son) and Missy (daughter).

Being a parent can be incredibly frustrating, and I think sharing those frustrations and laughing with other parents is the best thing we can do to keep each other sane. ~ Brian

Enjoy tales of his trials and tribulations presented in an entertaining genre here: Fowl Language Comics.



Angel is a mother of one and works as a full time editor and writer. She writes on a wide variety of topics in a number of reputable publications.

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