Tomica Storage Carrier Truck (Review)

The Tomica Storage Carrier Truck is a toy truck that also doubles as a storage system for Tomica die-cast vehicles. It is part of Tomica’s range of playable storage toys which also includes four other playable storage systems.

Children, particularly boys, love transportation toys such as cars, trains, trucks and so on. The Tomica Truck will delight any child with such interests thanks to its detailed design.

As with any other Tomica toy, the Tomica Truck is a well-made product with premium quality — this is the first thing you’ll notice the moment you unbox it. The quality of this Tomica is as good as it gets for a toy in this price range. All moving parts such as the transparent gull-wing doors move precisely as they are designed to and close with a satisfying click.

The wheels have quite a lot of play but this is probably necessary for them to roll properly as the truck moves smoothly on uneven or rough surfaces. The only thing I wished these wheels had are real rubber tires for added realism and a smoother and quieter roll.

The Tomica Truck can store up to 13 Tomica die-casts in its configurable storage section. Take note that it typically doesn’t come with any die-cast vehicles although the Toys R Us edition featured in this review does come with a mini Toys R Us delivery truck.

At the head of the truck is a car launcher which can be used to launch cars with the pull of a lever located at the side. The head also has a small storage compartment at the top which can be used to store items such as action figures and other small items.


Overall, the Tomica Truck is a neat, high-quality toy that also serves well as a compact storage system. It will look great on any toy shelf.

The downside is being a premium toy, the Tomica Truck comes with a premium price tag. This is evident when you compare it to other similar toys such as the Fast Lane Truck Carrying Case which costs only a few dollars more but is a lot bigger, comes with 13 die-cast vehicles and a retractable handle.


However, whatever the Tomica lacks in size or quantity it makes up with its premium quality and bling factor. This is, after all, a Tomica and Tomicas generally hold their value well for many years thanks to a large worldwide following and fan base.

It is a toy that appeals to both children and adult toy collectors.

Tomica Storage Carrier Truck




Fun Factor


Build Quality


Educational Value





  • Premium quality
  • Doubles as a storage system
  • Made by Tomica
  • Nice details


  • Pricey
  • Smaller compared to rivals
  • Plastic wheels


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4 Responses

  1. Tanmayi Kamath says:

    Hi where did u buy this? My son wants the exact same thing and am going crazy searching for it.

    • Angel says:

      Hi, this was purchased from Toys R Us. Hope you find it. My son still loves playing with it too.

  2. Vanesa says:

    Hello! I am Spanish. Where can I get this truck? Any website where can I buy it?