9 Bath Toys Your Child Will Love

Nuby Octopus Hoopla


The Nuby Octopus Hoopla is a BPA-free bath toy that comes with 3 rings children can use to throw at its tentacles. It’s a great toy for helping children develop hand-eye coordination besides providing endless fun during bath time. Being BPA-free means the Octopus Hoopla is also a great toy for toddlers who have the habit of chewing things and its flexible yet durable plastic is gentle enough not to cause injury to teething toddlers. The Nuby Octopus Hoopla is recommended for toddlers aged 18 months or older. Click here to see the Nuby Octopus Hoopla in action.

Munchkin Five Sea Squirts Bath Toys


The Munchkin Five Sea Squirts consists of a turtle, crab, pelican, octopus and dolphin. Each toy is small enough for babies to hold and squirt and can provide plenty of squirting fun during bath time. They’re also a great way to introduce sea creatures to your child and seem durable enough to withstand long term play without chipping or breaking. The Munchkin Five Sea Squirts are designed for toddlers 9 months and above. We’re not sure if the material used for these toys are BPA-free but it does feel very similar to the material used for the Nuby Octopus Hoopla. Click here to view our demo of the Five Sea Squirts.

Crayola Bath Dropz (3.59 oz / 60 Tablets)


The Crayola Bath Dropz is the most unique bath “toy” in this list. In fact, we’re not even sure if it qualifies to be called a toy in the conventional sense since the Bath Dropz are actually fizzing water color tablets that can be used to add color to bath water. Each jar of Bath Dropz makes up to 60 baths and the fragrance-free tablets can be mixed to create all kinds of colors. The Bath Dropz is a great way for teaching kids colors as well. Kids can also create artwork on bathroom tiles or tub walls with these tablets. The colors wash off easily with water and do not stain. Click here to view our video demo of the Crayola Bath Dropz.

Nuby Splash ‘N Catch Fishing Set


The Nuby Splash ‘N Catch fishing set comes with a net and several colorful characters that can be linked together. It is an excellent toy for helping kids in developing their hand-eye coordination. The Splash ‘N Catch fishing set is BPA-free and meets various government safety standards and regulations so your child can have many hours of worry-free play during bath time.

Munchkin Letters and Numbers (36 count)


The Munchkin Letters and Numbers look like ordinary foam characters for kids but they’re actually designed to be bathroom-friendly. The soft yet durable letters and numbers can stick to tub walls and bathroom tiles when wet and are made of non-toxic material. This set consists of 36 counts with letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9 and are excellent for teaching kids the alphabet and basic numbers.

Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars

The Green Toys Ferry Boat is a great eco-friendly toy for kids who love cars and vehicles. Made of 100% recycled plastic, it is also free of BPA, phalates, PVC and other harmful external coatings. The Ferry Boat comes with two cars and is recommended for children ages three and above. The boat itself was designed to float but once it takes in too much water it tends to sink to the bottom, not really ideal for kids who love playing rough but still overall a great bath toy.

Yookidoo Flow ‘N Fill Spout


This is the most complicated toy in the list but one that provides loads of bath time fun for kids. The Yookidoo Flow ‘N Fill Spout is a battery-powered automatic play spout that attaches to a tub wall and creates an endless stream of water. This water stream then goes through three interchangeable tumblers with each tumbler having its own unique sprouting water action. Being a battery-powered toy used in wet environments means a lot of care should be taken to ensure water doesn’t seep into the battery compartment.

Due to occasional problems with water seepage in the battery compartment and motor, the Flow ‘N Fill Spout isn’t the most reliable toy in this list. However, these are problems that can be worked around with some regular cleaning and servicing and some basic understanding of mechanical and electrical stuff.

Fred & Friends Koi Toy


Don’t let its simple appearance fool you. This bath toy may look like an ordinary toy fish until it starts glowing with light as it floats in the bathtub — a sight that will definitely fascinate any child. The Koi Toy lights up the moment it touches water and will glow in a rainbow of different hues. It also floats realistically on water and turns off when taken off water. Unlike the Yookidoo Flow ‘N Fill Spout, there are no battery compartments or water seepage to worry about. Everything is sealed properly so there is no need to worry about regular maintenance or troubleshooting.

Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin


This cute little penguin actually swims! Just wind its flaps, release it in water and it will swim earnestly till its flaps stop paddling. The Munckin Swimming Penguin, available in blue and pink, is fairly affordable and provides some comic relief in the bath tub. However, this is one penguin that starts to sink once it takes in too much water and its paint, especially at the underbelly, tends to chip off easily. Click here to watch our video of the Munchkin Swimming Penguin in action.



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