Fast Lane Multi-Level Parking Garage (Review)

Ever since my son got his first few Hot Wheels toy cars, he has been fascinated with cars. When he was younger, he was only interested in aeroplanes. Now, it is racing cars, police cars, fire trucks, etc.

Therefore, not too long after, his Dad got him a Fast Lane Parking Garage. And you should have seen how his face lit up and the squeals of “Wow! Wow! Wowww!”

He was glued to the parking garage for hours, vrooming (as he calls it) the cars down the lanes with utter delight. Every night, he sleeps holding onto his favorite cars for the night. Every morning, he wakes up and drags whoever is around to “vroom” with him. It has been a few weeks and the interest has not waned. Now, the parking garage has set up a place on the floor in the living room.

The parking garage consists of a multi-level car park with an elevator that can be moved to transport vehicles to any of the three levels, a spiral ramp that links to some roads, some road signages and a helipad.

Check out our demo of the set in the video below:

There is also a detachable sound effect gadget that lights up. Each time my son places a car on the elevator, he will press one of the three buttons to get different sound effects (car alarm, siren, vehicle starting engine). Please note that the gadget uses three LR41 button batteries. Keep the batteries away from young children. Read about the dangers of button batteries here.

Finally, the set also comes with five vehicles (some racing cars, a police car, a jeep) and a helicopter. The built of the vehicles is quite good.

The setting up is quite easy as a manual is included. Stickers for the road signages and multi-level car parks are also given to make the set more realistic and interesting.0125628_CF0001The recommended age for playing this set is 3+ as there are small detachable parts like the road signages and blockages that could be choking hazards. Therefore, my son has been playing this under adult supervision. Truth be told, this mommy had a fun time vrooming as well.

Bear in mind that this is a Fast Lane play set and like any other Fast Lane product, focus is more on quantity than quality. That does not mean the Fast late Parking Garage does not deliver lots of play fun. It does and at less than $50, it is highly affordable. It just lacks the premium feel and quality of more expensive brands.

Fast Lane Multi-Level Parking Garage




Fun Factor


Build Quality


Educational Value





  • Very affordable
  • Provides hours of fun and play
  • Removable sound effect gadget
  • Includes die cast vehicles


  • Not the best build quality around
  • Sound gadget consumes battery fast


Angel is a mother of one and works as a full time editor and writer. She writes on a wide variety of topics in a number of reputable publications.

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