12 Funny Baby Acts When Nursing

This is a long overdue post. Ever since I started breastfeeding my son, I have loved it even though I went through engorgement, sore nipples, blocked ducts and even a lump-scare. I want to record the joy and memorable moments of our bonding journey. Hence, this post.

I am lucky to find out about nursing in the sleeping position early on. It has made our breastfeeding journey much easier too.

Although we started since he was a few weeks old, it wasn’t until around 6 months of age that his cheekiness showed.

As a baby, it was adorable to see him suckle. His half-asleep eyes looked up wonderingly while you looked at him with love. Then, as he grew older, his hands began to wander. Once he learned to crawl and walk, his legs began to wander as well.

These are some funny acts by my son when he is nursing:

  1. Pulling down whatever top I am wearing when he wants to nurse
  2. Pointing to (.)(.) and giggle; laughing when he sees his food source; looking at me while latching and giggling
  3. Performing exercise movements: butt up down up down continuously
  4. Wandering hands: pulling and stroking the free (.)(.), stroking tummy
  5. Nursing in awkward positions: upside down, across tummy, right side up, half in/out of bed, butt in air; nursing on right boob, then left, right, left, repeat
  6. Launching himself at me or pulling me down to the pillows
  7. Biting the (.)(.) and laughing when you tell him not to bite, then looking at you to test your reaction and bite again; funny to him, ouch to mummy
  8. Making funny noises and talking /singing to (.)(.)
  9. Giving (.)(.) nicknames
  10. Insisting I wear spectacles when he is nursing
  11. Burying his face in my (.)(.) and making farting noises
  12. Letting his toy penguin or car drink milk before him; share (.)(.)

High-five if your child does the same too. We have entered our 27th month and still no sign of weaning.


Angel is a mother of one and works as a full time editor and writer. She writes on a wide variety of topics in a number of reputable publications.

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