Fast Lane Action Wheels Rescue Set (Review)

One of my 26-month-old’s distractions at home is watching Robocar Poli. It is basically about a rescue team (comprising Poli, a police car; Roy, a fire truck; Amber, an ambulance and Helly, a helicopter) teaching children some moral or educational values in each episode. Therefore, his dad got him the Robocar Poli set. But that is another story.

Many moons later, his dad surprised him with a Fast Lane Rescue Team set. It consists of a police car, a fire truck and an ambulance. At first glance, it looks rather plasticky. Some of the stickers were crooked. The doors could not open and the ladder on the fire truck cannot be extended. If you were to observe the details closely, you will notice that you are paying for what you are getting.

But all these obviously do not matter to kids. The minute he got his hands on the police car, he pressed the buttons on the top, listening to the siren blaring. He rolled it on the floor and off it went crashing into a wall. Again and again. Despite that, the police car was still in good condition.

There are three buttons on each vehicle. Each button gives a different sound (siren, car alarm, engine starting) accompanied by flashing lights. This requires 3x LR44 button batteries. The wheels roll well even on mildly rough surface.

Recommended age is 3+ but I find them quite suitable for my son as long as the battery compartment is tightly shut. Besides learning about the dangers of button batteries, he also learns about the functions of each vehicle. Now he can connect between fire trucks and putting out fires.

For such a cheap price, the Fast Lane rescue team are a good buy and can provide endless hours of play for your kids, especially if they love vehicles.


Angel is a mother of one and works as a full time editor and writer. She writes on a wide variety of topics in a number of reputable publications.