Little Twig Skin Care Products (Review)

If you have a son who runs away every time you mention ‘shower time’, you understand how it feels having to reason with (or drag), cajole or even bribe him to take his shower. Therefore, there have been things I have had to prepare in order to make it less of a hassle: his favourite bath toys (his toy police car, some building blocks, etc.), new toys to play with and skin care essentials, just to name a few.

Since he was a baby, I have used a few brands of shampoo/body wash/head-to-toe cleaning liquids on him. A few things that I take into consideration before choosing the brand would be the ingredients, the smell, pricing, etc.


Today, I would like to review Little Twig from USA that has a wide range of natural skin care for the whole family. Some of their products are baby oil, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. This review will be on the Little Twig Shampoo (Happy Tangerine), Little Twig Baby Wash (Calming Lavender) and Little Twig Baby Lotion (Extra Mild Unscented). These products have kindly been sponsored by Koyara.

What first piqued my interest was that they were made of natural ingredients: sunflower seed oil (moisturising), tea tree oil (anti-inflammatory), lavender flower extract (antiseptic), aloe vera (soothing), calendula (hydrating), jojoba oil (hydrating). They are also phthalate free, paraben free, sulfate free, synthetic fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and even nut, soy and wheat free for kids with allergies. In other words, 100 per cent natural, 100 per cent worry-free.

They are certified organic, pediatrician-tested and recommended, pH balanced, suitable for children (and even newborns) as they are gentle enough for sensitive skin.

When I received the products, at first I was attracted to the packaging. Cute little insects/animals decorating the waterproof label will attract any kid. On the shampoo bottle is Mr Caterpillar, on the body wash bottle is Mr Snail and on the lotion bottle is Mr Bee. They prove to be educational tools in the bathroom as well as you introduce each character and what they are to your curious little one.

Next, the scent. They come in 3 different varieties: tangerine, lavender, unscented. The scents are very subtle, very mild and does not last long because perfume was eliminated in the formulation. Only a very small amount of essential oils (that is safe for children) is added. Adding perfume — an artificial fragrance — will make the smell last longer but then, you are only drawn towards synthetic compounds derived from petrochemicals (which may contain paraben — preservatives widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products). I have been so used to strong scents in shampoo that this took some getting used to. But all in all, it was a pleasant change. And safer for you and your healthy skin in the long run.

Another good point is that it does not need much to be used. Just one pump. That is enough to clean my little one’s mop of hair. But do not expect it to be foamy. It does not lather up much … and that is a good thing. If you are used to shampoo or cleaning liquid that foams a lot, then you are using one that contains a particular ingredient called sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) which is an inexpensive and effective foaming agent. SLS is an extremely effective cleansing agent (hence you will feel extremely clean after using products with SLS) but it is a very harsh ingredient that is used even in commercial household / industrial detergent. Due to its harshness, it strips off the skin’s natural oil and to compensate for this, the skin normally reacts by producing more oil or becomes very dry — which may cause scalp condition in the long run. Also, SLS has been known to cause eye and skin irritation. In short, good natural products should not be foamy. I have been told that it takes time to switch to natural shampoo but my son seems to be taking it rather well. And though the scent does not last, the softness does. After the first few usage, I find myself ruffling his hair a lot, just to feel the softness.


This goes for the baby lotion too. The lotion does not feel sticky or oily at all despite having sunflower seed oil as one of the ingredients. Once rubbed on, it takes a few seconds to absorb and then you get skin that feels soft and refreshed. It is just so soft to touch. Even my coarse palms feel soft and smooth. Seriously. Now, if only they can make it become a mosquito repellent as well, that would be awesome.

The texture of the shampoo and body wash is runny (not as thick as the shampoo/body wash) I am used to. One big reason could be that the main ingredient is aqua. But that is OK as you only use 1 pump or dime size per session. Even after using it for a month now, there is still a lot in the  bottle.

All in all, I am quite satisfied with Little Twig’s products. They are somewhat pricey … but if you want to go for organic and natural products, you would have to expect that. So, the question you ask is this: money or health?

Happy Twig Shampoo, Baby Wash and Lotion









  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Attractive bottles for kids
  • Mild enough for children


  • Somewhat pricey


Angel is a mother of one and works as a full time editor and writer. She writes on a wide variety of topics in a number of reputable publications.

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