How to Potty Train Your Toddler

Hooray!¬†Potty training done! Another tick off the toddler milestone checklist. No more throwing away smelly, yucky diapers. No more wasting money buying diapers. No more … oh wait, we still have to wash and clean their cute bottoms.

After he showed 3 signs (dry for more than 2 hours, understands potty lingo, can follow basic directions) out of these 10 signs¬†that he was ready, I started my little one’s potty training journey when he was 2 years old. I even stopped buying diapers to encourage us both on making his potty training a success. It took almost 6 months! But he finally did it! No more diapers and no more wet beds. Some people were even surprised that he was diaper-free at his age. Hooray!

We started by being diaper-free at home during the daytime. In the first few months of training, I would take off his diaper once he got up. Sometimes it would be wet, sometimes dry. When there were more dry diapers in the morning, I started to leave him diaper-free at night too.


When he was diaper-free during the daytime, there were a few incidents early on when he would inform that he wanted to pee only after he started peeing. But he learned quickly. I showed him where the potty was kept and told him repeatedly to inform me when he wanted to pee. The potty was also placed nearby so I could easily access it once he comes to me. Soon, there were no accidents at all. He would inform me when he wanted to pee and I would take the potty for him. After that, he learned to take the potty himself. However, although he knows how to pull down his shorts, he still has difficulty pulling it up.

Also, though he was diaper-free at home during the day, it only happened by chance that we discovered he could stay dry for more than 3 hours when we were outside. We were on the way out for shopping and in the rush, didn’t put on a diaper for him. I expected him to tell me he wanted to pee when we were out but he surprised me. That was when he began to be diaper-free when we go out too.

For night time, I would ask him to pee first before sleeping. As expected, there were peeing accidents earlier on. Even the waterproof cover could not help. So, I took to using towels and covered his bottom as well. It took a few months of continuous checking but the bed has been pee-free since three months ago. Now, he would get agitated and complain when he wants to pee at night so I would sit him on the potty while he continues to ‘sleep’. But recently, surprisingly, he has slept through the night without going to the potty at all.

In hindsight and after reading many articles, it could be because I started him too early that it took us a few months. So, lesson learned. Read more and enjoy reaching milestones. Finally, here is the ABCs of Potty Training. Happy Potty Training!


Angel is a mother of one and works as a full time editor and writer. She writes on a wide variety of topics in a number of reputable publications.

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