LeapFrog LeapReader (Review)

In this time and technology age, children are getting more tech-savvy. More so when they are exposed to technology at an early age. From computer games to toy drones, some kids these days need more than just a simple book to keep them interested. Colorful pages, adorable characters — these may not be enough anymore.

As parents, we would want to inculcate the joy of reading early in our children. But sometimes, work gets in the way. Busy with work and deadlines, we do not have the luxury of time to sit patiently and go through each page without sounding frustrated. Hence, we get help in the form of a little reader helper.


Introducing Leap Frog’s LeapReader Reading and Writing System. There are a lot of pros to this product and only a few cons (major con: price). If you have done your research, you would know there are many Leap Frog products in the market.

Because this was an impulse purchase, we did not survey and bought the LeapReader which is best used for 4-8 years old children. We learned later that for 1-3 years old, it is better to get the LeapReader Junior Tag (cheaper but features and resources are more limited). You can find out more about Junior Tag here to make a comparison.

The LeapReader comes in 2 colors: pink and green. In this bundle, you get a sampler activity book, a piece of writing sheet, a USB cable and a quick start guide.


The sampler, as its name suggests, gives you a sample of what you can do with the LeapReader Reading and Writing system. There are many books (over 150 titles), activity books, maps, flash cards, book sets, etc. that are compatible with it. Sadly, they are mostly sold separately. I guess that is the price you have to pay for convenience. I would review the books in another post.

How the LeapReader Works

There are apps within the LeapReader that allow you to access Audio Books, Music and Trivia Fun challenges. This interactive book reader and audio player is designed to enhance your child’s vocabulary. It sounds out words, reads sentences and most importantly engages your child’s attention.


My son loves the music app. The tunes are fast-paced and catchy. He would dance and shake his body, just bopping to the rhythm. He is not interested to listen to the audio books yet. There are not many free and available stories though. Trivia fun challenges are played together with the books you buy.

Getting connected takes just a few easy steps; then the learning fun can begin!

  1. Power up (green means full) by charging the LeapReader via the USB cable.
  2. Set up your device by choosing the correct link to install LeapFrog Connect.
  3. Register your device by setting up a Parent Account in LeapFrog Connect.
  4. Download the available content (you have to purchase if you want to download more).
  5. Your LeapReader is ready! It’s time to learn and play!

The LeapFrog LeadpReader can be purchased at Amazon for less than $50. Click here to find out more.

LeapFrog LeapReader




Fun Factor


Build Quality


Educational Value





  • Makes reading fun for children
  • Interactive way to teach kids how to read
  • Over 150 book titles


  • Steep price


Angel is a mother of one and works as a full time editor and writer. She writes on a wide variety of topics in a number of reputable publications.

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