Lego Classic 10698 (Review)

If you have read my review on Livelock First Step 1 building blocks, you would know that my son (and I) loves to build and explore. And being exposed to The Lego MovieLego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, Lego City, Lego Nexo Knights, etc. it was just a matter of time (and money) before we got him his first Lego set.

Enter the Large Creative Brick Box Lego Classic model number 10698. For his age, I guess most would probably recommend to get him the Lego Duplo blocks but the few times we went to the Lego store, he was more interested in playing with the smaller version. And although there are many many small parts, luckily he knows what is edible and what is not. Furthermore, I felt that the Lego Classic encourages more open-ended creativity than the play sets that have specific themes.


So, my son and I were leaving Toys R Us and I was quite proud of him for behaving well though I did not get him anything. Then, his eyes lit up when we exited the shop and he saw his Dad with a big yellow Lego box in hand. He wanted to immediately open and play with it but luckily we convinced him to wait until we got home. It did not stop him from hugging and insisting on carrying it all the way home though.

Once we got home, he and his Dad tore through the several packets of plastic and out spilled hundreds (790 pieces to be exact but no, we did not count them) of different sizes of colorful Lego building parts. There were big and small base plates, flower and leaves, eyes, wheels, windows, doors, square, round, triangular, semi round, long, short, pointy, smooth and some parts that I still have no idea what they are used for. Yes, there was a manual given but only a few examples were given. Thankfully, more examples can be found online. And I guess the more you play with Lego blocks, the more you will learn about how to use them.

My son played and slept with his Lego blocks for the first few days. For now, he only knows and loves to build walls of a house. Using the online manuals and some creativity (on his Dad’s part), we built him a castle, an excavator, a camera, an armored truck, a race car and many others. Truthfully, without the manuals, it would take me forever to figure out how and what certain parts were used for. But I’m not complaining. It is a great bonding activity with my son and I learn how to be more imaginative. Some of the samples you see in the picture here were modified from the online samples. Just add, change or create whatever you want. Simple as that.


Most importantly, this set helps young children develop creativity and innovative thinking from a young age besides just providing endless hours of playing fun. Unlike other Lego sets that have specific themes, Lego Classic is a set which is quite generic, allowing children to effectively apply their imagination using Lego building blocks.

It also comes in 33 different colors (or rather different shades of certain colors) and makes a great educational tool. Furthermore, you can store all the Lego parts (and future sets) in the large yellow brick box it comes in. All in all, definitely worth every penny spent.

So, what have you created with your Lego sets? Please share with us in the comments below. We would love to share more ideas. Thanks!

Lego Classic 10698




Fun Factor


Build Quality


Educational Value





  • Excellent value and quality
  • Encourages creativity and innovation in children
  • Generic / Not restricted to any particular theme
  • Comes with storage box


  • Somewhat pricey


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