Meet the Toybox 3D Printer — A Different Kind of Toybox

Recently, 3D printing has become more prominent in the world of designing and machining. Besides printing PLA, ABS, wood, metal products for industrial purposes, 3D printers have even evolved into printing food and prosthetic limbs. So, don’t you think that it will be a waste if all these exciting ‘toys’ were only catered to the adults and professionals? Well, thankfully, they are not. You may have seen 3D printing pens for kids. You may also know about the colorful da Vinci mini 3D Printer by XYZ Printing.

Now, you have Toybox, a very easy-to-learn 3D printer suitable for kids.

“We believe in empowering kids with tools to make amazing things. That’s why we created a 3D printer that can be set up in 5 minutes.” ~Ben Baltes, co-founder and CEO of Toybox

With Toybox, it is as easy as searching for the toy you want in their huge collection (or create your own) and pressing the print button to see your toy come to life. You can ‘make magical things with the push of a button’. Their 500+ toy collections include ‘Creepy Crawlers’, ‘Block Buddies’, ‘Midnight Train’, etc.

Toybox is the first easy-to-use, one-touch 3D printer for kids to design and print their own toys. Enormous toy catalog. No mess. Affordable fun for the whole family!

Toybox also encourages creativity in kids as it is affordable and easy-to-use. Within the Toybox platform, there are apps that allow kids to design their own toys and bring them to life. They can also store their creations in the Toybox cloud to be shared with friends and family. Yes, with Toybox, they can now create a small train with tracks, their own set of building blocks and even a piece of tool. With high-resolution precision details printed at 200 microns, Toybox claims to be fast and precise.

Toybox is now on Indiegogo (a crowdfunding site for entrepreneurs). You can pre-order it for the early bird price of $249, with January 2018 as the estimated shipping date. At press time, Toybox has already achieved more than their 40K target. You still have 24 days (and counting) to ‘invest’ in one.

A word of caution, though, as there would be risks in supporting any project on fundraising sites like Indiegogo. Its fine print says that fund seekers are not obliged to deliver the product if they fail and there would be no refunds for backers. Previously, there have been many cases where backers were ‘tricked’ of their hard-earned money like in┬áthe Peachy Printer and Fontus scandals. All these projects sounded too good to be true and, unfortunately, they were. Therefore, invest at your own risk.


Angel is a mother of one and works as a full time editor and writer. She writes on a wide variety of topics in a number of reputable publications.

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