JJRC Q39 Highlander RC Car Buggy (Review)

It’s Christmas time and Jaycee’s birthday is also in December. Therefore, this is one of his favorite months as he gets so many ‘presents’ to unwrap. One such present is the JJRC Q39 Highlander which is an RC car that offers him plenty of fun. It costs around $70 but has features that you can find on more expensive RC cars.

The Highlander is certainly worth its value. It has proportional steering and throttle control which greatly improve the ‘driving’ experience. The cheaper sub-$60 RC cars do not feature proportional control so the throttle can be either maximum or zero. This certainly does not mimic the performance of a real car. Lightly press the gun-type controller and it moves slowly. The harder you press the throttle, the faster it moves.

The Highlander also features four-wheel drive, spring suspension and off-road rubber tires. The torque generated by its brushed motor also means it is great for running on off-road tracks at high speed. It can also drift if you drive it on slippery surfaces.

It is mostly made of plastic and nylon which is great for absorbing impact and shock. Overall, the Highlander is quite well built and looks great. It features LED light holders on the roof and at the front. However, LED lights are not supplied and have to be purchased separately. Do be careful when you drive on high speed, though, as the light holders tend to fall off easily. Because they are black and small, it is very easy to lose them in grassy fields.

My son could steer it in straight lines at lower speed though he needed help when it was turning. With a top speed of 35kmh and good traction from its 4WD, the Highlander performs remarkably well. The supplied 7.4V 1500mAh Li Po battery provides about 15 minutes of drive time.

One thing I found out is that it tends to overheat if you drive it too slow (which happens a lot when my son just moves it bit by bit in our small living room). And when the motor overheats, the Highlander will automatically shut down to protect the motor from burning out. Motor power will be restored once it has cooled down.

So, does my son love it? Definitely Yes! I even have a go at it when we play together. Therefore, do check it out and it makes a great Christmas present for wannabe Grand Prix racers.

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