Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Family Trip (Review)

On Jaycee’s 4th birthday, we decided to bring him on an educational trip — KL Bird Park. Personally, I have been there twice before and I must say that there have been some positive changes in the past ten years.

We arrived there around 10 plus. There were already many visitors there. The bird park opens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, including Public Holidays.

The ticket prices vary whether you are Malaysians or foreigners. The prices are listed below:

  • Malaysian adult: RM27
  • Malaysian child (3-12 years old): RM13
  • Foreigners (without MyKad) adult: RM67
  • Foreigners (without MyKid) child: RM45

You get a map of the bird park when you purchase your ticket. One can roughly cover the whole place in under 3 hours. It depends on whether you want to stay on for certain bird feeding times or the bird show (twice a day).

So, what are the positive changes that I saw? Most of the birds — consisting mostly of storks and peacocks — are now free to roam about and the place looks more presentable. While it is still not allowed to feed the birds, the management has provided a fun way for visitors to buy bird food in the form of an ‘egg surprise’ for just RM1.

One of the reasons the place looks neater could be that outside food is not allowed on the premises. Visitors would have to buy food from the food booths in the bird park itself. Although more expensive than usual, the money goes into the upkeep and maintenance of the bird park so it is all for a good cause. Some of the food and drinks you can buy would be corn, snacks, ice-cream (great for a hot day).

There is also a three-tier restaurant called Hornbill Restaurant & Café if you want a more satisfying meal. It is named such because you can actually view the majestic Rhinoceros Hornbill (and her feathered friends) perching on trees as you enjoy your meal on the verandah. When we dined there for lunch, we each got a complimentary cordial. I remembered that the food (a wide selection of local and western favourites) and pricing were reasonable (by KL standard).

Located in the serene and scenic famous Lake Gardens, the KL Bird Park is also well known as the “World’s Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary”, offering 20.9 acres of land to be explored and home to over 3,000 birds of approximately 200 species. The park is divided into 4 zones: Zones 1, 2 and 3 make up the extraordinary free-flight zones, including the Hornbill Park (the park’s main feature), Flamingo Pond and Brahminy Land. In Zone 4, you can visit the Bird Gallery, Bird School, Education Station, the Amphitheatre (for the bird shows) and even a children’s playground. There are also birds kept in separate cages and mini aviaries. You can take pictures of them or feed them (with the food provided). In short, there are many different things to see and do in the different zones.

One of the most fascinating time we had was the heron feeding time near Brahminy Land. When the feeder arrived with fish in pails, all the herons gathered around him. Feeding the hundreds of herons was quite a sight to behold. And if you were brave enough, the herons would come near you to eat the fish off your hand. Watching the herons fight for food, flying over your head to perch on roofs or trees and taking pictures with them were amazing. Another feeding time to note was the Eagle feeding time. Also, taking pictures of the peacocks with their tails unfold was another exciting experience.

The bird show is shown twice in a day. The roughly 20-minute show mainly features parrots performing tricks like flying through hoops or guessing games. And if that is not enough to interest your children, there is also a big playground beside the amphitheatre.

Finally, one thing that you have to be prepared for is to walk, walk and walk. And before you leave the bird park, stop by the gift shop to get some souvenirs of your visit. There are some areas under renovation or being repaired but visiting the bird park is still a good experience, especially for first-timers and children. Did Jaycee enjoy his trip? Most definitely.








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